Current Project

Phillipine Taxonomic Initiative


2017 – Present



Implementing organization

Philippine Taxonomic Initiative (PTI)



This Philippine led project aims to:

I – Document the flora and fauna of the Philippines by conducting field work in different parts of the country, to identify and describe local species (including, as required, type specimens of any new taxa);
II – Document the abundance and conservation status of the taxa collected;
III – Formally describe any new taxa encountered and to obtain live material to be grown ex-situ for conservation studies.

While the focus of PTI is on Philippine flora, the team also works together with renowned herpetologist Professor Rafe Brown Curator-in-Charge, Herpetology Division, Natural History Museum, and Biodiversity Institute of the University of Kansas, to document the reptiles and amphibians of the Philippines.

Fins and Leaves provides technical and financial support to this project.

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