Past Project

Environmental Education Programs


2010 – 2016


Palawan, Philippines

We have carried out a variety of education projects over the years. From programs at schools and for indigenous people to trainings and workshops for students and the Philippine Coast guard.

The largest education project we have done is called ‘A glimpse in the sea’ with a reach of over 1,000 children. A glimpse in the Sea was executed at elementary schools around Palawan to stimulate the children’s curiosity to discover the importance and vitality of coastal ecosystems and make them proud of their surrounding environment. A 4-day program was designed including lectures, games, movies, creative activities and excursions. The project was executed in cooperation with the Philippine Coast Guard, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary and volunteers from local universities. A similar program was later conducted on forest ecosystems for the students living in and around the Cleopatra’s Needle Forest Reserve.